Common Misconceptions About Impact Windows That Homeowners Must Know

Ever gazed out your window during a storm, captivated by the power of nature but also a bit uneasy about what might happen if that flying debris hits your house? It’s in moments like these when you start questioning the strength of your windows. What are some common misconceptions about impact windows that homeowners should be aware of?

We’ve all heard rumors and old wives’ tales. Some say duct tape can keep our glass intact; others swear by plywood shutters as an unbeatable shield against strong winds. But how much truth lies behind these beliefs? And more importantly, could they lead us astray when we need protection most?

Staying informed on impact window performance during hurricanes and high winds can help guard you, your family, and your home from danger. Stay informed, stay prepared, and always heed official warnings for the best protection.

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Understanding Impact Windows and Their Role in Hurricane Protection

The term ‘impact windows’ may be familiar, but many homeowners aren’t fully aware of their capabilities. Designed for hurricane protection, these windows play a crucial role in preventing storm damage.

Impact windows, also known as ‘hurricane windows’, refer to the type of windows that can withstand strong winds and flying debris during hurricanes. Unlike standard glass panes, they don’t easily break into large sharp pieces when hit by high-speed objects – an excellent feature during potential storm scenarios.

The resilience comes from specialized laminate coatings applied to the window glass, making them impact resistant. In fact, some are capable of withstanding winds up to 200 miles per hour. This characteristic not only helps safeguard your home against storms but also minimizes property damage due to shattered glass.

Beyond offering security against natural calamities like hurricanes and high winds, these types of windows provide added benefits such as reducing unwanted noise from outside or even UV blocking properties, which enhance comfort inside homes located in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these resilient fixtures work or need help deciding if they’re the right fit for your home situated in a storm-prone area, feel free to contact us.


Debunking Misconceptions about Impact Windows

Impact windows, especially those built to withstand the wrath of hurricanes, often harbor numerous misconceptions. Let’s shed light on some common misunderstandings.


Impact Windows vs Regular Windows

The first misconception is that regular or standard glass windows can match the resilience of impact-resistant ones during high winds and storms. However, unlike DP50 windows (a type of non-impact window), impact-rated versions are designed to withstand flying debris without shattering into large sharp pieces. They provide superior protection against potential storm damage than their non-impact counterparts.


The Truth About Taping Windows

A widespread myth suggests taping your windows will protect them from hurricane-induced damage. This belief is unfortunately incorrect and may give a false sense of security when strong winds start blowing. Taped-up glass can still break under pressure and cause harm due to sharp shards scattering around.

To truly safeguard your home during hurricane season, installing specialized laminate-coated impact windows is recommended by the experts at Window Replacement Group – because we care about more than just aesthetic appeal.


The Benefits of Impact Windows Beyond Hurricane Protection

While most homeowners install impact windows for their undeniable hurricane protection, these windows offer a range of additional benefits. These extra perks are often overlooked but can significantly enhance your home’s value and comfort.


Energy Efficiency & Savings

A lesser-known advantage is the energy savings impact windows provide. With superior insulation, they help regulate indoor temperatures by reducing unwanted heat transfer. This leads to reduced stress on your HVAC system and lower energy costs in the long run.

This efficiency comes from specialized Low-E coatings applied to the window glass during manufacturing. The coating reflects infrared light, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

In fact, according to research, impact windows offer more protection than any other type of window treatment against temperature fluctuations. They come in different styles and ratings too, so you’re not limited aesthetically or functionally when choosing them for your home.


Beyond Hurricanes: Everyday Noise Reduction

An excellent feature that gets lost among discussions about storm safety is noise reduction. Living near busy streets or noisy neighbors? Impact-resistant glass has superior soundproofing qualities due to its thickness and laminate coatings which reduce exterior noise transmission effectively.


Potential Insurance Discounts

Wrapping up, let’s not forget about insurance discounts. A lot of insurance companies acknowledge the added security that comes with permanent fixtures like impact windows. These can protect your property from potential storm damage and break-ins.

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Installation Process & Considerations for Impact Windows

The process to install impact windows isn’t more difficult than standard ones. But it does need special attention and expertise.

Your first step should be to schedule a consultation with professionals like us at the Window Replacement Group. We’ll help assess your needs, consider the best window styles for you, and ensure everything fits perfectly into place.


Fitting Your Home’s Aesthetic

One misconception is that impact windows are limited in style options or are unattractive. The truth? They come in just as many design styles as non-impact windows.

We have various visually appealing choices ready to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while providing protection from flying debris during hurricanes.


Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Making sure that installation is done correctly can save you potential water damage down the line. Incorrectly installed impact windows might let water through small gaps between frames and walls – something to be avoided at all costs. So, getting experts involved is an excellent idea when installing these types of protective elements on your property.


Savings & ROI Considerations

You may wonder about cost considerations when choosing hurricane-resistant windows versus other storm protection measures. Rest assured, they’re less expensive than some alternatives over time due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. The long-term savings make them an attractive option for homeowners looking forward to reducing unwanted energy consumption too.


The Aesthetic Appeal of Impact Windows

Impact windows are not just about safety. They can also enhance the beauty of your home, debunking a common misconception that they lack aesthetic appeal.

Visually appealing, impact windows come in an array of design styles, just like non-impact windows. So, you don’t have to compromise on style for security and peace of mind during hurricane season.


A Plethora Of Styles To Choose From

No matter what architectural style your house is or how unique your taste may be – traditional or modern – there’s an impact window designed to match it perfectly. You’ll find them available in various shapes such as square, rectangle, round or even custom designs based on specific needs.


Mix Safety with Beauty

Your window glass choices aren’t limited either when opting for impact-resistant models. There are options with clear glass for those who prefer a more classic look while tinted versions cater to homeowners seeking privacy without sacrificing natural light.


Framing The View Perfectly

In addition to their excellent feature set and ability to withstand strong winds from hurricanes, these stylish defenders against potential storm damage add value by framing views elegantly and contributing significantly towards enhancing curb appeal.


Cost Considerations When Choosing Impact Windows

Pondering the cost of impact windows? It’s essential to remember that impact windows are not merely a purchase, but rather an investment in your residence. They provide superior protection from potential storm damage, especially in areas prone to high winds and hurricanes.


Long-Term Savings & ROI

In fact, when you consider long-term savings, impact windows are often less expensive than some other types of storm protection measures. This is due to their durability and reduced need for replacement or repair after storms.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) provides rebates on energy-efficient upgrades like installing Low-E windows which can save up to 8% on cooling costs annually. So, with each passing year, these hurricane-resistant beauties pay for themselves.

You might also find that insurance companies give discounts if you install impact windows as it lowers risk levels – so don’t forget to ask about this possibility.

We all love our Florida homes – why not invest in protecting them?

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Debunked Misconceptions about Impact Windows

The world of impact windows is full of misconceptions that can leave homeowners scratching their heads. Let’s address some common myths and set the record straight.


Misconception 1: Taping Protects Your Windows

One myth suggests that taping your windows before a storm will keep them from shattering. But this isn’t true. If anything, taped windows break into larger, more dangerous shards when hit by flying debris.


Misconception 2: All Windows are Equal in Storms

A regular window simply cannot compare to an impact-resistant one. In fact, our high-quality hurricane impact windows withstand winds up to 200 mph while preventing glass breakage.


Misconception 3: Impact Windows Aren’t Attractive

Some folks believe that these durable features lack aesthetic appeal – but it’s just not so. With designs ranging from classic to modern styles, they enhance your home’s look while providing superior protection against storms and potential property damage.


Last Words on Window Myths

Homeowners in areas prone to hurricanes or strong winds, such as Florida, should ensure they are knowledgeable about the best methods of protecting their homes. Don’t let misconceptions cloud your judgment – choose what offers the best security without compromising style.


FAQs: Common Misconceptions About Impact Windows That Homeowners Must Know

What are the negatives of impact windows?

Impact windows can be pricier than regular ones. Plus, they need professional installation to ensure top-notch performance.

What are some facts about impact windows?

They’re designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. Also, these tough home features offer excellent insulation for energy savings.

What is the truth about hurricane windows?

Hurricane or impact-resistant windows provide superior protection against storms but aren’t completely shatter-proof – their design keeps shattered glass in place.

Is it hard to break into impact windows?

Absolutely. Impact-resistant glass makes it a real chore for intruders due to its robustness and shatter resistance.



Impact windows are not just for the stormy season; they’re also energy-efficient, stylish and can even save you cash over time.

You’ve discovered what some common misconceptions about impact windows are – taping doesn’t help, and regular windows simply don’t cut it against flying debris. Withstanding winds up to 200 miles per hour isn’t impact windows’ only excellent feature – they also offer protection from UV rays, reduce unwanted noise, and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Their installation process is as straightforward as any other windows. Cost-wise it’s an investment with a promising return when considering potential storm damage expenses.

Breathe easy during the next high winds or storms knowing your home is protected by industry-recognized impact windows.

Contact Window Replacement Group for all your impact window installations and maintenance!

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