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Contractors undertaking new construction projects in the Palm Beach area should prioritize the installation of impact-resistant doors and windows as an essential strategy to enhance energy efficiency and fortify homes against storms. Impact windows and doors offer additional protection from hurricanes, mitigate external noise, and contribute to maintaining a cooler home environment during the hot Florida summers.

In selecting impact windows and doors for Palm Beach homes, contractors must consider factors such as size, style, material type, color options, ventilation needs, insulation factor, and budget constraints. Decisions regarding single hung or double hung windows, as well as the choice between sliding glass doors or French doors, should align with the specific requirements of each project. Careful consideration of these factors ensures the optimal window and door solution for the home.

Contractors should also verify that any window or door installation company engaged in the project is licensed and insured in Florida. This guarantees compliance with state building codes and regulations. Additionally, assessing the installer’s experience with installations in other Palm Beach homes provides valuable insights into their expertise and workmanship quality. Notably, impact windows, crafted from tempered glass, offer enhanced safety, being thicker than regular glass and designed to resist shattering when broken or impacted. Choose Impact Window Group (IWG) for a reliable partner in delivering high-quality, safety-focused solutions for new construction projects in the Palm Beach area.

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The Benefits of Impact
Doors & Windows

Contractors engaged in new construction projects in Palm Beach should recognize the manifold benefits of incorporating impact-resistant doors and windows. These features not only enhance protection against high-intensity storms, offering defense against strong winds and flying debris but also contribute to reducing outside noise levels, improving energy efficiency, and lowering insurance premiums.

Selecting the optimal impact windows and doors for Palm Beach homes involves navigating factors such as size, style, and material types available in the market. While this may seem challenging, a well-executed decision can fortify homes against storms and intruders while concurrently reducing energy costs over time through enhanced insulation properties.

For contractors considering the installation of impact windows and doors in Palm Beach residences, it is paramount to ensure that the chosen installation company, such as Impact Window Group (IWG), is licensed and insured in Florida. This ensures compliance with state building codes and regulations, providing assurance that the installation has been executed properly. IWG serves as a reliable partner, offering peace of mind to contractors and homeowners alike in the pursuit of enhanced safety and energy efficiency in new construction projects in Palm Beach.

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