At IWG, we understand the intricate processes involved in both building and remodeling. As a General Contractor and State-Licensed Glass and Glazing Specialist, we bring a wealth of expertise to these projects. While we prefer collaborating with builders, we also engage directly with homeowners to ensure a seamless and tailored approach to construction and remodeling.

The IWG team has left its mark on some of the most prestigious existing homes in Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, and throughout Florida. Our specialization lies in the replacement of windows and doors, particularly in historical areas with intricate older structures. However, our versatility shines through as we bring our extensive experience to bear on standard homes as well.

One of our key strengths lies in our precision in measuring existing windows and doors, allowing us to provide the most accurate estimates promptly. We take extreme care in the ordering process, ensuring that clients receive precisely what they desire, and that the products ordered perfectly fit the existing openings. Every detail matters to us, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

IWG boasts extensive experience in high-end homes, demonstrating our ability to execute projects with excellence even when the home is occupied. Punctuality, cleanliness, and accommodation are at the forefront of our values as we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience.

When it comes to installation, we prioritize extra care, relying on the expertise of our factory-trained installation crews with extensive experience. Our commitment to quality is further underscored by our use of only the best waterproofing products, ensuring longevity and resilience.

At IWG, we don’t just deliver and install products; we see the project through to completion. Our dedicated service technicians, sourced from the best, provide ongoing support. Additionally, we offer Permitting and Engineering services when needed, further streamlining the construction and remodeling process. With IWG, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner committed to delivering excellence at every step.


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